Yara Melki Studio is an interior design firm that aims to create happy, aesthetic and inspiring spaces to live, work and experience. The internationally recognised studio manages diverse projects that range from residential and commercial to office areas and product design. To achieve uniqueness and elegance both in terms of design Yara collaborates with local artists, painters, crafters that reflect the hidden gems of the design world.She is best known in mix matching traditional and contemporary concepts to achieve distinctiveness in style, comforting space that reflects her clients’ needs and ambitions. She aims with her team to understand the client requisites along with their visions to accompany them in the creation of an uplifting journey of mixing stories and cultures, this is only possible using diverse textures, colors ,fabrics , paintings to achieve a rich and vibrant space because we truly believe that each piece in a space tells a small part of the story. The 2020 global crisis and pandemic was quite the challenge for the studio which pushed the team to reflect on the future and evolution of architectural design and the adaptability of the strongest. Life must be full of interaction and social energy if we are to live happily in proximity. Social stability across the generations requires that we live in fluid, multigenerational communities, integrating rather than isolating. Focusing on evolutionary design and flexibility while preserving calamity and identity that reflects the comfort we all call home.

The studio was founded in 2017 to additionally enhance the collaboration between interior architecture, artists, designers and the client. Prior to that yara worked with Beirut’s most acclaimed architecture offices, it is when she identified several missing links in the design process and decided to found the Studio to better address these needs and enhance the end product experience for her clients. She is currently joggling between Beirut and Brazzaville with plans to expands to other renowned areas in the near future.

Yara graduated with a Master’s degree from Academie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts(ALBA).